Do You Have An Ugly and/or Dirty Roof?

We are a highly experienced, reputable roof cleaning contractor – in business to SAVE YOU MONEY!  Perhaps the best thing about working with us is that our proven, proprietary process is widely accepted by roof manufactures across the country and answers the problem that exists because insurance companies are in the process of not honoring roof damage caused.

We also offer warranty cleanings of your asphalt roof shingles that have started becoming affected by these same problems. We can even provide you with pictures of your roof – before and after our roof cleaning process.  We have a Gallery area in our website where you can actually see some of these before and after pictures of the roof cleaning process.

The black stains on the roofs of many houses you see every day are actually a form of algae.  It’s also almost always most noticeable on the north side of the building and continues to grow and get more noticeable – darker and thicker, forever spreading and literally eating your roof, until your roof must be replaced. And then that eventually grows into what we call moss.

Unfortunately, getting rid of these unsightly and ugly stains on your roof is not as simple as going to the home improvement store and finding a roof cleaning product, somehow getting it applied to your roof – SAFELY – and expecting visible and professional results.

Should my roof be replaced?

We really cannot honestly advise you on that question.   But what we CAN definitively say is that you that there are millions of roofs that have been replaced simply and ONLY because people did not know their roof could be cleaned, or that there were professionals that offered that verty service. If it doesn’t leak but looks terrible. Have it cleaned.

You have nothing to lose – but thousands of dollars – by calling us today and scheduling your FREE roof consultation.  Who knows….we’ve saved so many people thousands of dollars each – we just may be able to do the same thing for YOU!

Are you a realtor or a homeowner with a home for sale?

We see a LOT of beautiful homes for sale everywhere but we also couldn’t help but to notice that while they all have these beautiful lawns and landscaping, the very first thing you (couldn’t help but to) see that ugly algae stained eyesore that we call a roof covering the whole thing. Here’s a valuable tip:  MANY TIMES that same ugly, nasty roof that YOU think needs replacing CAN BE CLEANED TO LOOK LIKE (almost near) NEW. That very same roof may not, after all, need to be replaced. It will not cost you one red cent to find our from us – the roof cleaning specialists – if it just needs to be cleaned.  But NOT calling us may cost you thousands of dollars, possibly even a LOST SALE of the home or property.

If you are serious about wanting to keep your property beautiful and maximizing return on your investment, then you will take a moment to get an expert opinion from us – the Roof Cleaning Specialists.

Are we insured to clean roofs?

It’s a great rule of thumb to be careful who you hire to perform ANY construction or service task. You’d be very surprised to know just how many companies are not insured for roof cleaning. It is available only as an added cost on your homeowner policy premiums.  You could end up being financially liable for any slip, fall or accident that results in injury to any one of their workers.