Why Us?

Why Choose Clean Exteriors To Help You With Your Roof Problem?


Moss, algae, lichen and mold are building up on your roof, damaging the shingles and changing its appearance.  These problems are living, growing, plants and fungi and if left untreated, they will damage your roof, shortening its life and costing you money.  Most exterior cleaning companies will recommend pressure washing to take care of these problems, but this can actually cause even more problems.


Your roof doesn’t have to be replaced, just cleaned.  We have a patented cleaning process that safely and gently removes those infestations, destroying them without further damaging your roof.  Our cleaning process requires no pressure washing and uses non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners to clean your roof without danger to the environment or your landscaping.

[WATCH] BEWARE:  Insurance Companies Cancel Policies Because of Dirty Roofs!

Our Product

Our product is unique in the industry.  We offer an
effective, environmentally-friendly solution to your
infestation problem.   Our product is an affordable
solution to a serious problem.

Our Process

With our high pressure pumps, we can usually do a
complete application from the ground with our
product being applied just like rain gently falling on
your roof – and without anyone walking on it.

Our People

Our people are experienced and trusted.  You benefit
from working with a locally-owned company that
takes pride in its associates and technicians.  We
guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work
that we do.

Your home has a problem, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one.  Clean  Exteriors can help!  JUST CONTACT US TODAY!